At Avanton, the way we build is just as significant as what we build.

We’re committed to brilliance by leading with sustainability, innovation, and regeneration. Avanton drives excellence through systematic processes and methodologies engrained by every member of our team.

Our Values

Alongside creating beautiful homes for people to live in and enjoy, we at Avanton also focus our efforts to demonstrate our sincere care for the natural environment and communities we live, build and work in.

Find out how we take action:


Avanton is on a mission to revolutionise the way we live today. By embracing the technology, we strive to create homes that are both safe, secure, and eco-friendly. We believe that beautiful design and environmental responsibility can coexist, and our passion is to use design as a tool to minimise our carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.


Avanton is dedicated to positively contributing to the socio-economic environment through aligning development with local goals and supporting local communities. We partner with charitable organisations to understand their needs and assist in achieving their vision. Making a difference, one community at a time.

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